Prof. Wim Vanden Berghe obtained his PhD at the University of Ghent in 1999 in the Faculty of Science Biochemistry-Biotechnology. After postdoctoral research at various research institutions (University of Montpellier, Stellenbosch and Oxford), Wim Vanden Berghe was appointed professor of Epigenetics in 2009 in the lab for Protein chemistry, proteomics and epigenetic signaling (PPES) at the University of Antwerp and UGent. With his current research, he is looking for new epigenetic ways to prevent or inhibit diseases with the help of nutrition or bioactive substances isolated from plants that inhibit aging-related inflammatory processes in cancer, atherosclerosis obesity, diabetes or neurodegeneration.


Doctor in Medicine, Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine Professor on Pain Clinic and Rheumatology National Service of “10 de Octubre” Hospital, Medical University of Havana, Cuba.

Senior Researcher in Neuropharmacology Lab. Institute of Sea Sciences (ICIMAR)

Bárbara Beatriz Garrido Suárez is a medical doctor, Ph. D. in Medic Sciences, specialist in Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Professor from Pain Clinic and Rheumatology National Service of 10 de Octubre Hospital, University of Havana, Cuba. Currently she investigates the analgesic activity of marine-derived compounds in Pharmacology Department in Cuban Institute of Sea Sciences (ICIMAR). She received a post-doctoral training in Anesthesia Research Unit and Alan Edwards Centre for Research of Pain of McGill University as well as in Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo. She worked in the Center of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (CIDEM) were created the research line: Pain, potential candidate analgesics and obtained the rank of Titular Researcher. Dr. Garrido is a regular member of the International Association Study of Pain (IASP) and the secretary of its Cuban chapter. She introduced animal models and experimental methodology for the study of pain in Cuba, its clinical and research interests are aimed at understanding the peripheral and central mechanisms of neuropathic pain and evidence-based management of chronic neuropathic pain states. She has written more of 26 original research papers and reviews, 4 books chapters and is author and co-author of patents, reviewer for scientific journals, serves on the editorial board of JPPRes and received National Annual Awards of Health 2009, National Awards of Cuban Academy Sciences 2015 and National Awards of Health 2018.

Center for Research and Biological Evaluations,

Institute of Pharmacy and Food,

University of Havana, Cuba

Email: / aleph.neuro@gmail.coma

He has more than 10 years of experience in preclinical neuropharmacology. He earned all his academic degrees with honors: PhD. in Health Sciences (Biomedicine, 2015), MSc. in Neurosciences (2011), BSc. in Biochemistry (2005). He has completed 35 postgraduate courses, participated in 45 scientific events (81 presentations, 9 poster awards, president of scientific committee in 2), with 20 scientific papers (12 indexed in Web of Science; 6 as 1st author; h-index: 8; times cited: 261), 24 published abstracts, and co-author of 1 patent granted in Europe, North America and Asia countries. He was awarded with 6 international research fellowships (Brazil, Canada, Germany) and 4 international travel grants. Distinguished with more than 30 scientific recognitions, among them the Annual Awards (national level) of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (2011, 2012, 2017), the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2018), and Awards of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology (2011-2013, 2013-2016) and the Latin-American Association of Pharmacology (2013). Supervisor of MSc. and BSc. thesis, lecturer in Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Pharmacology, and member of doctorate examining boards.

Biochemistry Degree, 1995. Faculty of Biology University of Havana.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1999.

Current member of the National Government Board of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology. Head of Public and international relations

Member of Admission Committee at the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR)IUPHAR

Senior Research, Cuban National Drug Regulatory Authority (CECMED)

Email: /

Dr. D. Remirez  Figueredo received her B.A. degree (1995, Biochemistry) from Faculty of Biology, Havana University, Cuba, and both her MSc (1995, Biomedicine) and PhD (1999 Pharmaceutical Sciences) degree from National Center for Scientific Research in Havana, and most of the results were done in the Department of Toxicology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Postdoctoral training in Molecular Toxicology and pharmacology was completed at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Toronto, Canada.

She has been referee of scientific journals related with herbal medicines. Other previous academic appointments include lecturer in different international meeting. She has been the recipient of National Award of Pharmacology twice from the Cuban Pharmacology Society. She worked as Expert for the evaluation of preclinical platform in South Africa. (CSIR). She is the WHO focal point for herbal medicines in Cuba. She is the focal point to the WHO network for regulatory cooperation of herbal medicines (IRCH). She is one of the member of International Union of Pharmacology membership committee.

She is currently the Vice president of Cuban Pharmacology Society. At present she works in the Cuba Regulatory Agency as senior researcher, she is in charge of the evaluation for authorization of clinical trials, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy of herbal medicines for registering.

Dr. Remirez research is described in over 50 published research reports.

DrC. Idania Rodeiro Guerra (PhD)

Degree in Biochemistry, University of Havana (1990).

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Havana (2000).

Current position: Director of Research. Institute of Marine Sciences, CITMA, Havana, Cuba.

Senior Researcher at Pharmacology Department,

Current member of the National Government Board of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology

Email: /

She studied Biochemistry in Faculty of Biology at University of Havana.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. National Center for Scientific Research.

Senior Researcher and  Full Professor at Medical University of Havana and Institute of Food and Pharmacy, Havana University.

Director of Research. Institute of Marine Sciences, CITMA, Havana, Cuba.

Areas of expertise: Drug-toxicological evaluation of natural and synthetic products. Study of biotransformation mechanisms of xenobiotics, pharmacological interactions. Study of genetic polymorphisms and their impact on human health.

It has more than 70 scientific publications, more than 100 presentations at events and conferences, national awards, national and international project management, graduate thesis and postgraduate training.

Current senior research of two International collaboration projects VLIR of Flemish University of Antwerp, Belgium at ICIMAR and Institute of Oncology in Havana in the field of pharmacogenetic (2016-2020).

Director, Center for Research and Biological Evaluations,

Institute of Pharmacy and Food,

University of Havana, Cuba


H index: 25 / Research gate index: 33,13.

Dr Gilberto L Pardo Andreu holds a PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Foods Sciences of the University of Havana (Cuba). He has more than 100 papers in the field of mitochondrial pharmacology. His researches are focused in the elucidation of the pharmaco-toxicological mechanism of bioactive compounds, emphasizing in their effects on mitochondria. In this sense, several promising neuroprotective, anti-diabetic and anti-cancer molecules that modulate mitochondrial function have been discovered in his lab. He also provides continuing education lectures regarding mitochondrial assessment for drug development at pre and post graduate levels. Dr. Pardo Andreu is productive Cuban researcher with a Hirsch index (H index) of 25 and a Research gate index of 33,13.

Birth date: August 2st , 1972.

Head of Pharmacological Research Department

Institute of Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri”; Havana, Cuba

Professor of Pharmacology, Institute of Food and Pharmacy,

University of Havana

Personal Phone: 537- 2020011/ Institute Office : 53 7 2553236


Biochemist Bachelor, Havana University, Faculty of Biology (09.1990 – 06.1995)

Associate professor (01.2018) Part/time Collaborator of Havana University, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food. Pharmacological Science Philosophical Doctor (PhD) 2004.

Scientific Degree: Senior Investigator (2014)

Head of Pharmacological Research Department, Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí.

Elected member of the National Government Board of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology.

She has obtained several national awards from the Cuban Society of Pharmacology and also scientific prize of diverse Congress. She has published up to 66 important contributions related to the pathophysiological characterization, pharmacology and therapeutics of infection diseases in Cuba with H index of 11. Oxidative stress indexes panel have been introducing in her labs and applied in acute and chronic diseases researches. This panel has been used also in post commercialization studies related to adverse reactions reports during drugs schedule. She also contributed to 8 book chapters supported by American Chemical society, London Elsevier, Spain and Italian editors. She has been work evaluating national generics, vaccines candidates and natural products through clinical trials. She is member of Permanent tribunal of Pharmacological Science and tutored several master and bachelors thesis. She has participated in almost 80 workshop and congress, and obtained different recognitions from the Cuban Academy of Sciences.

Current Work: Institute of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, University of Havana (

Calle 222 № 2317 e/23 y 31.La Coronela, La Lisa. Habana, Cuba. P.O. Box 13600,

Work Telephone: +53 (7) 2020930

Work Email:

Work mobile: +53 (5) 286 9144

Personal email:

Dr Marian Hernández Colina is a pharmacist, graduated from Institute of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, University of Havana, 1998. She has been working in teaching since then, with more than 20 years of experience in pre and postgraduated teaching of Pharmacology and related fields. Master in Pharmacology, and PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences from University of Havana. Titular professor of Pharmacology. Her focus in research is related to mechanisms of pharmacological or toxicological activities of novel compounds. She has coordinated several postgraduated programs in Pharmacology, published 15 papers in specialized journals, and participated in more than 30 national and international meetings in Pharmacology. Present Dean/Director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, University of Havana.

Pharmaceutical Science Degree, 1997

Vice President, Cuban Society of Pharmacology

Member of the Immmunopharmacology Section Board at the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR)


Current Work: Finlay Vaccine Institute                                             

Avenida 27, No. 19805. La Lisa. La Habana, Cuba.

Work Telephone: +53 (7) 271 7911, ext 305; Work mobile: +53 (5) 212 9928

Work Email:  / Personal email:

Professor Mario Landys Chovel Cuervo is a Pharmacist, graduated from the Cuban Institute of Pharmacy and Food (IFAL), University of Havana, in 1997. His first job was at the Cuban National Drug Regulatory Authority (CECMED), conducting the quality testing of vaccines and blood products for 8 years. Later, he started to work at Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV), a Cuban organization dedicated to the Research, Development and Production of Human Vaccines. Currently he was designed as Quality Control Director, but his work for 13 years has been focused in the development and implementation of modern quality control assays for assuring safety and efficacy of vaccines batches. Besides, he has been involved in researching projects against pathogens like Bordetella pertussis, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Neissseria meningitidis, among others. Since 2004 he is acting as Vice-president of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology and member of the Immmunopharmacology Section Board at the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) for 10 years. He has a long experience in the organization of courses and scientific meetings related to vaccines.

Doctor in Medicine (1975),

President of Education Section of Cuban Society of Pharmacology

Senior Professor of Pharmacology, Faculty “10 de Octubre”. University of Medicine of Havana.

1st and 2nd Degree Specialist in Pharmacology, Master in Satisfactory Longevity.

Holder and Founder of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology (SCF), and current President of its Education Section (2012-19). Member of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and the Latin American Association of Pharmacology (ALF). For her contribution to the development of Pharmacology in Cuba and Latin America she was  awarded with the National Prize of Pharmacology “Dr Francisco J Morón Rodríguez in memoriam” , for the work of a lifetime and contribution to the development of cuban pharmacology (2017) and one special Award from Latinoamerican Association of Pharmacology in the LATINFARMA congress in Havana in 2013. Member of groups of authors of: CD for Teaching of Pharmacology in Cuba by the Primary Health Services, programs of the medical study plan, and fours national texts books for Medical Sciences of Pediatric Pharmacology and Rheumatology. She was honored on two occasions with the National Prize for Pharmacology (2010 and 2015). She participates in multiple National and International scientific events and for her outstanding teaching she receives the distinctions: Medal for Cuban Education (1995), Distinction XX Anniversary of the Havana Medical University (1998), Medal and Diploma of “Illustrious Visitor” University of Santiago de Cali, Colombia (2002), and for the years dedicated to the education and training of health professionals: Jose Tey Medal, (2004), Medal “Frank País” of Second Degree (2013) and “Frank País” of First Degree (2017).

Current Work: Finlay Vaccine Institute

Avenida 17 y calle 198. Siboney. Playa. Habana, Cuba. P.O. Box 16017,

Work Telephone: +53 (7) 271 7911, ext 220

Work Email:

Personal mobile: +53 (5) 459 8682

Personal email:

Dr Reinaldo Acevedo is a Pharmacist, graduated from the Cuban Institute of Pharmacy and Food, University of Havana, 2002. At this time, he started working at Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV), a Cuban organisation dedicated to the Research, Development and Production of Human Vaccines. His work have been focused in the rational design of vaccines and adjuvants based on outer membranes vesicles (OMV) derived from Neissseria meningitidis and other microorganisms. In 2011, Acevedo received his PhD from the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences “Victoria de Girón”, La Havana, with the evaluation of new OMV and OMV derivates (cochleates) as vaccines candidates against Cholera. Since 2012, Dr Acevedo is Head of Research Department at IFV, leading several vaccine projects against pathogens like Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Bordetella pertussis, N. meningitidis but also applications of OMV as adjuvants of vaccine candidates against viral infections, allergies, cancer and addictive drugs. He has received several awards from the Cuban Ministry of Health and the Science and Academy for the novelty of the scientific results. Dr Acevedo also participated as invited expert in International meetings about meningococcal disease and works with the Cuban Societies of Immunology and Pharmacology in the organization of meetings, workshop and Conferences. This work has improved the interchange between prestigious and young researchers worldwide.